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    FPC=Flexible Printed Circuits 


    Stretchable FPC(*) is available to use as a sensor to monitor vital biological signals without discomfort by conforming to the human body.

    Able to apply base/trace/cover materials with high flexibility to stretch in all directions.

    Material is breathable and permeable.

    Uses an adhesive which is not reactive to the human body.

    (*)Need to use conductive cream, hydrogel etc. against vital electrode to monitor biological signal.


    Product Example

    Example of Use

    Cross Section Diagram

    *Example of use vital electrode as patch-type sensor

    ▶ Change in Electrical Resistance When Stretching FPC

    Standard Specification

    Stretchable Base & Coverlay Thickness 25μm
    PET Base Thickness 55μm
    Stretchable Trace Thickness 20μm
    Min. Trace Line/Gap 0.25mm/0.25mm
    Terminal Area Ag, Carbon
    Connection Connector,ACF,
    Conductive Snap


    Patch-type Vital Sign Sensor
    Disposable Sensor Sheet
    Measurement for
    ・ EEG
    ・ EMG
    ・ ECG etc.

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