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    Charter of Corporate Behavior

    Established on May 1, 2006/Revised on July 1,2011/February 1,2015
    Nippon Mektron, Ltd.

    We, Nippon Mektron,Ltd. are committed not only to contribute toward the economic development of society by creating added value through fair competition but also to being an entity that contributes to society at large, according to the Management Principles under the NOK spirit, by developing the Management Policies in such a way that all its stakeholders are proud of us and chase their dream with us. We will behave according to the Principles of Corporate Behavior of Ten Principles both domestic and overseas so as to respect human rights, comply with related laws, regulations, and international rules as well as the spirit behind those, discharge our social responsibility with a strong sense of ethical values.

    Management Principles

    1.The Management has to run the Company based on feelings of love and trust in its employees.

    2.The Management has to run the Company while uniting to ensure full ventilation without forming any cliques.

    3.The Management has to run the Company while making absolutely incredible efforts against all odds and risks.

    4.The Management has to run the Company while pursuing dreams with management plan.

    Management Policies

    1.We are committed to be a strong and unique parts supplier while focusing its managerial resources on core business areas.

    2.We are committed to be a profitable and robust company while fulfilling company-wide cost reduction programs ranging from front-line sales to manufacturing floor.

    3.We are committed to continuously improving our quality while producing and selling our products that are proven to be technologically unique and socially on a global scale.

    Principles of Corporate Behavior

    1.Provision of Socially Useful Products

    We will develop and provide socially useful and safe products, thereby gaining satisfaction and deeper trust both from end users and customers.

    2.Fair and Appropriate Trade

    We will engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and ensure that transactions are appropriate when selling products and purchasing materials.
    Also, maintain a sound and proper relationship with political bodies and government agencies.

    3.Proper Disclosure and Management of Information

    We will disclose accurate information about the Company timely and appropriately.
    Also, protect and properly manage personal and customer data and other types of information as well as intellectual property rights.

    4.Severance of all relations with Antisocial Forces and Groups

    We will resolutely confront any antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society, and sever all relations with such groups.

    5.Commitment to Environmental Conservation

    We will proactively initiate environmental conservation activities while taking into account the fact that commitment to solving environmental issues is a prerequisite for a company to engage in business activities as a going concern.

    6.Promotion of Social Contribution Activities

    As a good corporate citizen, we will actively contribute to community activities and other similar activities.

    7.Cooperation with the International Community

    As a global corporation, we will comply with laws and regulations of the countries and regions where our business operations are based, and respect human rights and other international norms of behavior, including but not limited to prohibition of child labor and forced labor. Also, conduct business by taking into consideration the local culture and customs as well as the interests of stakeholders, and contribute toward the development of the local economy and society.

    8.Respect for Human Rights and Provision of a Safe and Comfortable Working Environment

    We will promote mutual respect diversity ,character and personality among employees, draw a line between public and private matters, maintain order in the workplace, and provide a clean, safe and comfortable working environment.

    9.Responsibilities of Directors

    The Directors recognize that it is their role to realize the spirit of this Charter of Corporate Behavior, and will take the lead in an exemplary manner to implement the Charter within entire the NOK Group, while encouraging our business counterparts to follow the same example. In addition, the Directors will constantly listen to opinions from both within and outside the company to effectively improve the corporate system and ensure compliance with business ethics.

    10.Response to Problems

    In the event of noncompliance with this Charter, the Directors will commit themselves to solving the problem, while identifying the cause, thus taking measures to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. Moreover, they will publicly disclose relevant information promptly and appropriately, fulfill their accountability requirements, indicate those who are in authority and those who are responsible, and severely punish those involved, including them.

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