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    FPC=Flexible Printed Circuits 

    To meet the demand for high speed/large volume of data transmission, Mektec has been developing and mass producing High Speed Transmission FPCs using low dielectric materials. Mektec provides a total solution including simulation, pattern design, assembly, proposal of materials and stack ups.
    Mektec’s proven technologies and experiences meet the required specifications and contribute to next-generation of high speed communication.


    Low transmission loss in high frequency signal

    ・Low Dk (Low Dielectric Constant)
    ・Low Df (Low Dielectric Tangent)

      LCP PI
    Dk 2.9 3.3
    Df 0.002 0.018

    Stable high frequency characteristics

     ・Low water absorption

      LCP PI
    Water Absorption(%) <0.04 1.5

    Serial Communication Standard and Speed

    Dielectric Properties of Materials

    Antenna FPC Application Example

    Analog/Digital Signal Combination FPC

    Under Developing

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