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    1969 Nov. Nippon Mektron, Ltd.is founded.
    1971 Jan. Minami Ibaraki plant established in Kukizaki-mura, Inashiki-gun(present-day Tsukuba-shi), Ibaraki-ken.
    1978 Nov. Established Kashima Kinzoku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.in Hasaki-machi, Kashima-gun(present-day Kamisu-shi), Ibaraki-ken to manufacture and handle plating.
    1979 April Merges with Seiwa Chemical Co.,Ltd.for further development of the company.
    1986 Sep. Established Mektec Corporation(Taiwan) to manufacture FPC, in Kaohsiung(Taiwan)
    1987 May Established Mektec Corp.(USA) to manufacture FPC, in San Jose(U.S.A.)
    1989 Nov. Investment in Simflex GmbH & Co.KG. a subsidiary of Carl Freudenberg’s FPC division in Germany.
    1993 July Established Mektec Corp. (Thailand) Ltd.to market FPC in Thailand.
    1994 Aug. Established Mektec Corp. (Hong Kong) Ltd.to market FPC in Hong Kong
    Nov. Established Mektec Manufacturing Corp. (Thailand) to manufacture FPC in Thailand.
    Dec. Established Tainan plant of Mektec Corp.(Taiwan).
    1995 Feb. Established Mektec Corp. (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.to market FPC in Singapore.
    1997 April Absorptions Kashima Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.and established Kashima plant.
    Aug. Established Mektec Manufacturing Corp. (Zhuhai) Ltd. to manufacture FPC in Zhuhai, China.
    2000 May Established Mektec International Corp. to market FPC in USA.
    2001 April Established Tsukuba plant (now Okuhara 1st Building)to manufacture FPC.
    2002 April Separated the business of chemical and engineering elastomers division to UNIMATEC Co., Ltd.
    Aug. Established Mektec Manufacturing Corp. (Suzhou) Ltd. to manufacture FPC in Suzhou, China.
    2003 Sep. Established 2nd Building in Okuhara plant.
    2004 Nov. Established 3rd Building in Okuhara plant.
    2005 Aug. Newly-established Mektec Manufacturing Corp.(Suzhou) Ltd.
    2006 July Established Mektec Jisso Ltd. to manufacture FPC Assembly in Tsukubamirai-shi, Ibaraki-ken.
    Oct. NOK’s electronics FPC sales department transferred to Nippon Mektron.
    2007 May Established LongShan Plant of Mektec Corp.(Zhuhai).
    2009 April Established Mektec Corp. (Shenzhen) Ltd. to market FPC in Shenzhen, China
    2010 July Newly-established MEKTEC EUROPE GmbH in Germany.
    2011 Mar. Established Mektec Corp. (Korea) Ltd. to market FPC in Korea.
    April Precision Component for HDD and Mobile device division transferred from NOK to Nippon Mektron.
    June Established Mektec (Philippine) Corp. Ltd. to design FPC in Philippine.
    2016 May Established Mektec Manufacturing Corporation(Vietnam)to manufacture FPC,inVietnam
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