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    Enactment of Environmental Basic Policy

    It is assumed to be a purport to aim wide and useful existence the approach of the environmental preservation of Nippon mektron Ltd. and Mektec group for the society as the member of the NOK group, to esteem human rights regardless of the inside and outside in the country for the achievement, to observe applicable laws and regulations and an international rule, to have a social good sense, and to act independently.
    A lot of propositions on which it should work as the entire Mektec group including overseas subsidiaries of the environmental control strengthening of the inside and China that promotes the standing environmental conservation activities to such an idea and the control of the carbon dioxide exhaust for the use limitation strengthening of the environmental control material in Europe and the global warming control, etc. have been imposed.
    Therefore, environmental conservation activities in the future should keep the international request in mind from the approach of each office mainly composed of the situation in a current region as the entire Mektec group based on the MEK charter of corporate behavior, and attempt a approach that is unified, continues, and is progressive.
    An environmental basic policy of Nippon mektron and Mektec group is enacted to assume the indicator to clarify the direction of environmental conservation activities on which Mektec group works, to unite, and to act this time.

    Environmental basic policy of Nippon mektron and Mektec group

    Basic policy

    Mektec group assumes the approach on environmental preservation to be one of the most important task for businessess, raises the all one’s energy of the group, works on the global environmental protection positively, and contributes to the construction of the society where continued development is possible.

    [Agenda] The employee shares the following action agendas with a management all action agendas.

    1:Decrease effective use, the amount of the waste exhaust, and carbon-dioxide emissions of the resource.

    When manufacturing products, waste and drain that uses the resources such as the raw material and water, and makes the environment dirty are caused. Our Mektec group works to make the product from a less energy consumed to work on the use of the resource without uselessness and the reduction of waste and to decrease the amount of the exhaust of carbon dioxide.

    2:Do not use the hazardous substance.

    We do not use the one that contains the envirommental destruction and the hazardous substance might influence health harmfully as much as possible about the resource necessary for the active conduct of business. The one with a little influence on the people who work at the global environment, the local populace, and the company is used when unavoidably using it.

    3:Improve a product environmental quality.

    The role is finished at the end and the abandoned day comes though our product is used for various usages. At this time, the raw material and the sub-materials that do not give the environment the load even if coming to incinerate or to reclaim and to dispose are positively adopted. Moreover, it continuously works on maintenance and the improvement of a product environmental quality.

    4:Observance of law etc.

    A regulatory control, a local government ordinance, and a regional agreement, etc. concerning the environment are defended and environmental conservation activities are promoted.

    5:Collection of information.

    It positively works on the request of the environment drawn by all the people (stake-holder) who are related to our undertaking activities.

    6:Disclose information.

    Communications with the society are widely aimed at, and necessary environmental information is disclosed positively.

    《 Reference 》
    Above-mentioned annotation is quantitatively evaluated according to the following indices.

    1) Amount of materials total purchase and amount of negative environmental impact material content materials purchase
    2) It is an amount of a total exhaust during the year of waste.
    3) It is consumption during the year of an electric power and various fuels.
    4) Amount of exhaust of carbon dioxide for each product
    5) Volume of water of water supply and drainage
    6) Amount of PRTR exhaust
    7) Number of negative environmental impact material content products

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