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    Contribution to Society

    We, as “corporate citizens”, value our relations with all stakeholders and proactively support regional activities for the contribution to society.

    Environmental Protection Activities

    Planting Mangrove Trees

    Planting Mangrove

    Planting Mangrove Trees / Mektec Thailand

    Mektec Thailand has continuously planted mangrove trees, and in October 2011 4,800 trees were planted.

    Employees experience Environmental Awareness Tours

    Employees experience Environmental Awareness Tours/ NPCS

    Employees experience Environmental Awareness Tours / NPCS

    NPCS has been carrying out environmental awareness tours to enlighten its employees on the consciousness of environmental protection.

    「Car Free Day / NPCS

    Car Free Day / NPCS

    NPCS has designated “Car Free Days” at fixed intervals since January 2011.
    On that day, employees are prohibited from using their cars for commuting to work and are encouraged to use public transportation instead.

    Activities to Support Disabled Persons

    Charity activities at the athletic meet

    In-plant Charity Activities / Mektec Taiwan

    At Mektec Taiwan, we invite supporting organizations for disabled persons to our plant at fixed intervals to support their organizations’ sales activities.
    At Mektec Taiwan’s 25th Annual Athletic Meet held in 2011, many supporting organizations were invited and the sales of each group were over 10,000 yuan.

    Sale of hand-made umbrellas made by a disabled person with cerebral palsy at the plant

    Disaster-relief Activities

    Support Activities for Flood Victims / MMCT

    Support Activities for Flood Victims / MMCT

    Relief supplies were distributed to 2011 flood victims in Thailand.

    Supporting Activities for Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake / Nippon Mektron, Ltd. and other

    Supporting Activities for Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake / MEKTEC CORPORATION and other

    The NOK Group, including Nippon Mektron, Ltd., has presented relief monetary fund of 150 million yen to the affected municipalities of the Great East Japan Earthquake. For the disaster recovery, employee volunteers were dispatched to Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture to help with the debris removal activities.

    Other Social Contribution Activities


    Blood Donation Activities at Each Plant / Each Group Company

    Beginning with MEKTEC CORPORATION the Mektec Group, has carried out blood donations in the company, and many of our employee blood donors are rising every year.


    Flower Planting Volunteer Activities/Nippon Mektron, Ltd.

    Flower Planting Volunteer Activities / MEKTEC CORPORATION

    MEKTEC CORPORATION in cooperation with the labor union, participates in the cooperative project of the volunteer work of planting flowers in the local town in which the plant is located. The protection of the landscape in the area and reduction of Co2 are the main purposes, but we consider this opportunity as a ground for education of the local children and interaction with the local residents. A total of 45 people including children participated in the event in November 2011.

    Plant’s Neighborhood Cleanup Activities/Nippon Mektron Ltd.

    Plant’s Neighborhood Cleanup Activities / MEKTEC CORPORATION

    In regards to protecting our precious environment and our working environment, MEKTEC CORPORATION, in cooperation with the labor union, has been continuously cleaning up the roads in and around participants made positive remarks that they became more conscious about the environment the industrial park on a regular basis. By carrying out the cleanup activities twice annually, because of the cleaning work.

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