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  • Component Assembly FPC

    In order to meet customer’s need for FPC module units, MEKTEC Group not only provides FPCs themselves but also mount surface parts,filip chips,and other components on FPCs.

    We are supplying more than one million of FPC product with assembly to customers in worldwide everyday.

    Assembly capability in Mektec

    Technology Capability status
    SMT Passive component, connector

    Min. component size: 0603(metric)

    Min. connector pitch: 0.35 mm
    Mass production
    Small component, fine pitch connector

    Min. component size: 0402(metric)

    Min. connector pitch : 0.3 mm
    Active device: QFP, QFN package

    Min. lead pitch: 0.4 mm
    Mass production
    Active device : BGA, CSP package

    Min ball pitch : 0.37 mm
    Mass production
    Flip chip Flip chip assembly (solder bump)

    Min. bump pitch: 150 um
    Mass production
    Flip chip assembly (Au bump)

    Min. bump pitch : 50 um
    Mass production
    Other Underfill, conformal coating Mass production

    Functional test capability
    Resistor & Capacitor test
    B2B CN zero force connection
    LED lighting test
    Metal dome ON/OFF test
    Switch ON/OFF test
    I2C communication IC test
    SPI communication IC test
    Impedance test
    VSWR test
    MIC sensitivity test
    MIC frequency response & THD
    Camera image test

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