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    The pressure-sensitive FPC takes a flexible print board, with its strengths of thinness and bendability, and adds a pressure-sensitive functionality that enables it to detect whether it has been touched, not touched, touched strongly, or touched lightly.

    This device can be wrapped around curved surfaces due to the flexible FPC materials and structure from which it is made. The pressure-sensitive portion has a hollow structure such that it does not detect pressure merely by being wrapped on, but rather detects pressure only when the pressure-sensitive FPC is touched.

    Possible applications of this FPC include pasting it onto a robot’s arm to detect when a person touches it or when contact has been made with an obstacle. Running it across the sole of a shoe would enable the FPC to detect the type of contact distribution being achieved.

    These and various other industrial and medical applications can be expected for this technology.


    Thin, ultraminiaturized pressure-sensitive structure built in (wrapped around curved surfaces)/p>

    Low cost due to use of existing production methods

    Freedom of shape


    Pressure detection through changes in electrical resistance

    Flexible, hollow structure enables fitting to curved surfaces

    Application Examples / Others


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